Hard Room

Dr. Sulken’s Laboratory

2-8 Players
30 Per Person

Dr. Sulken has been murdered! He was well known for his work in the field of biomedicine, often teetering on the line between biological warfare and modern medicine. The doctors trusty lab assistant knew that he was on the brink of creating a cure for the Ire Death Epidemic which has been affecting millions. You must break into the laboratory, finish the cure, and round up all the experiments before P.E. Corporation arrives with their own, much darker, motives. You are the worlds last hope to end this Epidemic!

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Dr. Sulken's Laboratory Escape Room Brighton

Mon-Thurs: CLOSED
Fri: 3:00PM-9:30PM
Sat 12:00PM-9:30PM
Sun 12:00PM-8:00PM

Summer Hours starting June 15th 2023:

Mon-Weds: CLOSED
Thurs: 3:00PM-9:30PM
Fri: 3:00PM-9:30PM
Sat 12:00PM-9:30PM
Sun 12:00PM-8:00PM  

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